In this blog, we are going to understand better about dental implant, and learn about dental implant packages in Vietnam.

Dental Implant Dentistry

If you’re living with an ill-fitting dentures, or on the brink of needing tooth replacement, dental implants provide the security your smile needs. These are tiny titanium posts that are surgically placed into the space left by a missing tooth. After placement, the implants fuse with the jawbone for unsurpassed stability in tooth replacement. In addition to providing your new teeth with a perfect fit, dental implants improve overall oral health. Our bones need stimulation to thrive and the tooth’s root provides that activity for the jawbone. Without it, the mouth will slowly degenerate and change shape – but the dental implant acts as a prosthetic root to keep your jaw healthy, whole and youthful-looking for years to come. In fact, when cared for properly, dental implants can last a lifetime. Many dental offices can only provide a portion of the dental implant procedure. But At The Ivory Dental Clinic Bangkok Thailand, your dentist  can handle the entire process, from initial implantation to final restoration, under one roof — no outside referrals necessary.

Dental implant structure, what is dental implant

What will happen to the bone after tooth extraction?
After losing teeth, there will be vertically and horizontally resorption of socket bones. The resorption is more pronounced on the buccal side (cheek side) than on the lingual side (palate and tongue side) and more pronounced at the anterior region than at the posterior ones due to thinner bone wall. Excess bone resorption of the buccal plate will affect patient’s lip profile in the anterior region. Inadequate remaining bone also affect implant placement which lead to more complicated treatments. In the long run, placing an implant helps preserve remaining bone structure and prevent further bone resorption at the area. Please note that some parts of the socket bone will be inevitably resorbed as a natural process of bone healing.  Placing an implant can preserve the remaining parts.

Benefits of dental implant treatment
1. Preserve intact tooth structure
2. Preserve remaining bone
3. Better support for full mouth denture
4. Alternative treatment of conventional fixed prostheses

Type of implant placement
There are 4 types of dental implant in accordance with the implantation timing*.
1.Immediate placement
2.Early placement
3.Delayed placement
4.Late placement
*Based on 3rd International Team for Implantology (ITI) Consensus Conference
**Please note that timing and treatment planning will be discussed with the patient on a case by case basis.

Dental implants restoration types
1. One implant can replace one missing tooth ( Single tooth implant )
2. Implants replace multiple missing teeth ( Dental Bridge implants )
3. Implants replace full mouth missing teeth ( Full jaw dental implants , Overdenture , All on 4 )

Conventional Single Dental Implant procedure

  1. Diagnosis with CT-Scan(3D images X-RAY) and treatment planning
  2. Dental implant post placement (extraction natural tooth in the same day in some cases)
  3. Wait for bone healing for 3 months
  4. Prosthesis (dental crown/dental bridge) process.

These will take 2 trips separated for 3 months. Each trip required 5-7 days

Full Jaw dental implant procedure

  1. Diagnosis with CT-Scan(3D images X-RAY) and treatment planning
  2. Prosthesis preparation process
  3. Dental implant post placement and final prosthesis

We could complete full jaw dental implants in one trip by requiring 12 days stay

Post operative care

  1. Avoid hot food.
  2. No rigorous exercise.
  3. Take prescribed medicine.
  4. Remove plaque.
  5. Rinsing with chlorhexidine.
  6. Wound healing is normal but if there is a puss occur, the patient should contact the Doctor.
  7. No poking the wound.
  8. Use cold pack to reduce swelling on the first few days.
  9. No smoking, no alcohol consumption.

Factors affecting dental implant treatment

  1. Systemic disease
  2. Periodontitis; Patient who has a history of periodontitis has a higher chance of implant failure.
  3. Smoking.
  4. Poor oral hygiene


Dental Implant
Treatment Unit(s) Cost (USD)
Dentium – Osstem implant screw (Korea) Per screw                                                       690
C tech implant screw (Italia) Per screw                                                       862
Tekka – Biotach implant screw (France) Per screw                                                    1,034
Short implant screw (4-6 mm) Per screw                                                    1,164
Mini implant screw Per screw                                                       431
Nobel Biocare implant screw (USA, Sweden, Isarel) Per screw                                                    1,207
Nobel Biocare active  implant screw (USA, Sweden, Isarel) Per screw                                                    1,422
Straumann SLA  implant screw (Switzerland) Per screw                                                    1,293
Straumann SLA active implant screw (Switzerland) Per screw                                                    1,509
Guided bone regeneration for implant Per tooth                                                       172
Block bone graft Per tooth                                                       259
Closed sinus lift + GBR Per tooth                                                       216
Traditional sinus augmentation + GBR Per tooth                                                       431
Gingivectomy on Implant Per tooth                                                          86
Implant supported crown
Treatment Unit(s) Cost (USD)
Porcelain fused Titanium crown Per tooth                                                       129
Venus full porcelain crown (Germany) Per tooth                                                       237
Roland  full porcelain crown (Japan) Per tooth                                                       302
Emax Zic full porcelain crown (Germany) Per tooth                                                       345
Cercon  full porcelain crown (Germany) Per tooth                                                       345
Cercon HT – Emax Press full porcelain crown (Germany) Per tooth                                                       388
Lava Plus – 3M ESPE full porcelain crown (USA) Per tooth                                                       431
*All crown with guarantee card, varies from 5-15 years