Cracks, chips, fractures, stains, gaps, and uneven teeth alignment can make your sweet smile imperfect. You might want to consider some cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve the appearance of the smile such as:

What makes a perfect smile?

If you think your smile is already perfect, check the below list to see if it is actually perfect. 

Tooth Length: 

The average length of an undamaged upper central incisor is about 10.5-11.5 mm. Most central incisors (your two front teeth) are between about 10.5 and 12.5 mm long and are roughly 20 percent longer than wide.

Smile Line: 

Smile line refers to an imaginary line along the incisal edges of the maxillary anterior teeth from side to side, which should mimic the curve of the superior border of the lower lip when you smile.

Tooth Proportions: 

Tooth proportion refers to the width-to-length ratios and the tooth-to-tooth proportion. Your cosmetic dentist will examine your teeth to determine if they are incorrect proportion with each other. The width-to-length ratio of 75-85% and tooth-to-tooth proportion of 50-74% are shown as most attractive.

Tooth Color and Shape: 

Perfect tooth color should be a combination of blueish-white color of enamel, and somewhat translucent so the yellow color of the dentine beneath it, which is either light grey or light yellow.

Your teeth shape, which could be oval, rectangle, square or triangle, might create feminine or a more masculine appearance. The truth is that many of us think teeth shape say many things about your personality. For example, triangular-shaped teeth can give the impression of being sanguine, rectangular-shaped teeth can give the impression of being choleric, oval-shaped teeth could be the sign of sensitivity, and square-shaped teeth signal peaceful personality.

What don’t you like about your smile?

Tooth Color: 

If you suffer from discolored teeth as a result of aging, your food or drink diet, or various other yellowing factors, a smile makeover can restore your teeth’s appearance. Teeth whitening can improve the color of stained teeth or if more specialized treatments are needed you may be a candidate for porcelain veneers, Lumineers, crowns, or dental implants.


Teeth that are misaligned can be straightened and properly aligned through orthodontics like dental braces, Invisalign (Clear aligners) or maybe improved with veneers.


Teeth that have gaps between them may be aligned properly with a variety of cosmetic dentistry solutions such as teeth bonding, dental veneers, or even orthodontic procedures.

Missing Teeth: 

Missing teeth are unsightly hindrances that affect the appearance of your smile.  They can be replaced with dental implants or bridges., or acrylic bonding (which is the most economical choice).

Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Teeth: 

If you have chipped, cracked, or broken teeth as a result of unfortunate accidents or failure to take adequate precautions in certain circumstances. 

For chipped teeth:

  • Cosmetic contouring could be done by the dentist to clean up and polish the sharp edges
  • If the chip is large, cosmetic procedures such as bonding, veneers shall improve appearance.

For cracked teeth, depending on the types and severity of the crack, it takes different approaches to repair. 

  • For the smaller cracks, a filling might well be a suitable option
  • For the bigger cracks, inlay, onlay and crown might be required to keep the teeth structure strong.

Broken teeth:

  • Bonding and dental veneers are 2 options for the front teeth in particular that can restore the cosmetic experience. 
  • As a break can influence the strength and rigidity of the teeth a dental crown is often a common requirement
  • For molars, inlay and onlay could be used to replace the broken part. If decay is the root cause of the break in the tooth, root canal treatment or tooth removal might be options. 

Tooth Length 

Beside shorter teeth, and a gummy smile also can make teeth appear shorter. A treatment for shorter teeth may go one of two ways: 

  • reshaping and lengthening the two front central teeth with composite bonding or porcelain veneers. 
  • If you have a gummy smile, your cosmetic dentist may provide treatment to modify the gum line and lengthen the appearance of the teeth using laser dentistry procedures. 

Tooth Proportions: 

A balanced smile gives the appearance of proper proportion and good oral health. Tooth proportions could be changed by tooth reshaping, crown lengthening, veneer.

4-Steps to a Complete Smile Makeover:

1. Initial Smile Makeover consultation

During the initial consultation, patients can begin the process of designing their new smiles immediately, including the selection of procedures, materials, and determining the overall look and fit of their new smiles.

2. A follow-up appointment to your smile makeover 

Mockups of many of the custom prosthetics can be presented and even taken for a “test drive” in some cases. 

3. Execute your smile makeover plan

Clinic staff will provide you with detailed instructions for preparations before the day of the operation, or multiple operations. On the day of your makeover, your dentist and clinic staff will be with you each step of the way until your procedure is complete.

4. Rest and recovery from your smile makeover procedures

The rest and recovery phase will vary from patient to patient depending on the procedures selected and the overall health of the patient. 

What is the cost of a smile makeover in Vietnam?

Given a patient’s specific needs, facial features, and budget, dental clinics will present uniquely tailored solutions that can meet most, if not all, preconditions. Because of the highly customizable nature of their makeover procedures, costs can range depending on the procedures selected. The professional prosthodontists, surgeons, and dental staff will provide you with the right plan, pricing details and budget concerns during the initial consultation. To learn more about the average cost of smile makeover procedures in the top-quality clinics in Vietnam, check this link. To catch up with our latest deals and Dental Makeover Packages in Vietnam, check this link.